Sunday, March 2, 2014

{His} art

In the beginning, God made art. His art marks the foundation of everything we know. The kind of art God makes is not an afterthought or a weekend hobby he does on the side. God's art is the starting point for the story of the world. "Fore we are God's masterpiece. He created you anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." 
(Eph 2:10) 

Art is what happens when you dare to be who you really are. 
God reveals himself through every artist and the artist is you. 

"Uncovering the art alive within me and releasing it into my world is what it means to worship God."

"Creativity is not about me. It is not about you. It is not us somehow acting like little gods, creating on our own in the same way God creates....The most we can hope for is to respond appropriately and creatively to who God is and what he means. Creativity is a response. - Michael Card

- all quotes are taken from A Million Little Ways {Emily Freeman} - Read it. -

Tuesday, February 4, 2014's being written...

All earthly things are the shadows of heavenly realities - the expression, in created, visible forms, of the invisible glory of God. - Andrew Murray
scratch...scratch...scratch. A paper. A pen. Black ink outlines the white sheet. Black scribbles that form words. Words that mean dreams, longings, desires and prayers. A story is being written. 

Stories have a beginning, a plot and an ending. A story has a beginning. A plot. An end. You and I each have a story. Stories that are not just stories but they are art. A story, a picture, a song -- all being interwoven to create something. The author, the Creator is God. God who weaves our lives, His grace, His redemption, His love, our mistakes, our failings, our victories, our joys and His faithfulness into a unique created art.

 Most often we know our beginnings to the stories. And at times we can glimpse the plot but this story we don't know the end too... My story is the song of God's saving redemption. My story has ups and downs. Excitement and many complaints against the author of my story. Mistakes. Memories. Victories.

coffee, journal & Jesus time at Meads...

A story is being written...a picture is being created...a song is being sung. My life! God has given me a gift and in return He has asked me to give that back to Him for His glory. What is the story being written in my life, what is the song being sung? Is it song bringing glory to Jesus Christ?

 I'm singing to the God

Who brings redemption to the nations

Kings and oceans bow to Him in praise

And I'm singing to the God

Who wrote the book on our salvation

To the One who covers me in grace

Monday, September 23, 2013

...summer adventures

To quote the words of the Bilbo Baggins, I began my summer excitedly saying "I'm going on an adventure".  It was a summer of traveling many different places, learning new cultures, viewing beautiful new sights, falling in love with a new people, making new friends and seeing many dreams and prayers come true. Twas also a summer of being stretched and blessed beyond what I ever thought possible. Our God is amazing! Jesus has taught me so much this summer and I am quite grateful for all the new experiences I've had. He does make all things beautiful in His time!

the two lovely ladies that I got to live with for awhile
(or more accurately that put up with me! :))

sunsets and sitting with a special man by a sea 

coffee + girlfriends = amazing times!  

loved my time with these precious munchkins

open air markets that allow you to get amazing fresh goodies? - yes, please!

this girl seriously melts hearts (and is too smart on top of it!)

beautiful spots by water

why yes, I am related to him! 

and in the midst of all the adventures this past year I have been on another adventure. I have the privilege of getting to call this incredible, amazing and handsome man my boyfriend! Seeing how God has brought us together and the way this man blesses me, challenges me and cares for me fills me with much gratefulness to the Lord. Yes, it's a very stretching yet rewarding adventure
and I'm very happy to be on it! :)

*in case you wonder there are changes that will be made here in the near future...over the last several months I have had some thoughts about changes on this blog and this summer defined more of it so nothing too earth shattering just if something disappears or something appears in random spurts you shall know it's just me around here* 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{project: 365} June

Denying ourselves and taking up our cross isn’t a little side issue — it is absolutely necessary to becoming or continuing to become a disciple of Jesus.
– John Wesley –

June gifts... sister's family coming to visit for a week
...having lots of fun with my little niece and nephew
...good times with friends

...watching plants grow
...spending some time with my boyfriend's family

...night of Chaos (a crazy wild night that included shaving cream, "chores", Indian war paint and lots of water and FUN - being the photographer I was the only one not a mess at the end of the evening)
...Perfect Love (book by Ruth Meyers)
...that it is less than 6 days!!!!!!!

...wheat harvest
...the beauty of Kansas in June shoot with a friend

...the above adorable little guy (be prepared for more pictures sometime)
...friends who give up their time to help me with sewing projects serger behaving itself (mostly) for a bunch of projects

...Yoanna's laugh
...Matthias grins calls from my boyfriend
...volleyball with siblings

...celebrating the wedding of a godly and lovely couple (the bride & groom are from other countries so it was a big mix of cultures and so much fun!)
...KS sunsets
...some lovely cool days were having right now - so unusual for KS at this time of year!

Monday, June 24, 2013

portraits: Elaine

Noon lighting is definitely not my favorite time to shoot pictures but sometimes it just has to be done. A few weeks ago this good friend asked if I could get some photos of her after church. So meet Elaine.

Elaine is my youngest sister's good friend but this fun, beautiful, spunky girl is also my good friend. Recently she began working for my boss so she makes cleaning empty apartments much more enjoyable.

We share common interests in healthy things and cameras so get along quite well. And one day she will share my love of coffee too! Right, Elaine??? :)